The OmniLOG Power Microphone is designed to enhance the recording quality of all conversations in boardrooms, open plan offices, locker rooms at security gates and much more.
When used with the OmniLOG or One-A-LOG application software, it has all the advantages of the software to stop / start / pause the recordings. It records in MP3 or WAV format, enhanced play back, and remote or hard switch activation.

The OmniLOG Power Microphone is a small sensitive microphone, 3 mm in diameter with a high-gain pre-amp and a 12 volt external power supply. This high performance microphone is housed in a durable plastic case.


  • Recording of all meetings and office conversations
  • Recording of disciplinary hearings
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Contract discussions
  • Covert recordings
  • 2 Microphones can be connected in parallel to cater for large rooms
  • Record in MP3 or WAV format
  • Record all conversations directly onto your computer
  • Allow your typist to transcribe any conversation with ¬†additional OmniLOG software applications